Monday, December 26, 2011

I'll See You on the Radio

I borrow those words from longtime CBS Broadcaster Charles Osgood. You may be familiar with him from "Sunday Morning", a program that blends wonderful photo journalism with superb story telling.
Osgood is also on the CBS Radio Network. He ends his TV Broadcast with a nod toward his radio roots, as he says "I'll see you on the radio".

I've always liked that phrase, and it's reminder of radios' ability to deliver "Theatre of the Mind".

Tomorrow, I return to the radio as we launch a new talk radio station in Little Rock. It will be called "Fresh Talk 93.3", and we bring Little Rock a fresh talk alternative. 

I won't give you the entire run down here. But I will, without shame, ask you to give us a listen. I will host the 6am-8am block, which will combine news, interviews with news makers and a little bit of fun. Guests this week include Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times; LR Mayor Mark Stodola; Congressman Tim Griffin; Senator and NLR Mayoral Hopeful Sen. Tracy Steel and Democrat Gazette columnist John Brummett.

I've been off the air for almost four years, so I'll need a few days to get my radio sea-legs back. That's my way of saying there may be a few technical errors in the opening days. So I'll both apologize in advance and beg your tolerance.

It return, I offer you this tip. Over the holidays, we feasted on a Cajun style deep fried turkey. Its' origin may surprise you. It was from the drive up window at Popeye's. Yes, the one that sells chicken. The cost for the fully cooked 12 pound bird was $35. It comes frozen, so you can store it at home until you are ready. Just thaw it out, follow the directions and amaze everyone at the table. It was wonderfully seasoned, moist and for my taste, beat any roasted turkey I've ever eaten. It's my understanding they only make it available for a short time, starting just prior to Thanksgiving. Last year I waited too long and missed out. They had already sold every Turkey they fried. And I checked several locations. This year I claimed mine back in the middle of November. I was not going to be denied again!

So my tip is this: Make a note to yourself for next year, and treat your family and friends. And to the folks at Popeyes, thank you! Please put my name on one for next year. In the meantime, starting tomorrow, I'll "see you on the radio".

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