Monday, February 20, 2012

BBQ at the Airport?

Now here's an idea that makes sense. Arkansas Business reports in it's electronic version today that Whole Hog will open in the vacant spot at the Little Rock National Airport. Here is a link to the story:

Now this is what the Airport needs. Airport leaders struggle with how to best portray Central Arkansas when travelers arrive. They point out the Airport is the first Arkansas experience most out of state visitors have. It's their first impression. Hence, Airport leaders have wanted a nicer entrance to the Airport. They've wanted fountains. They've wanted art. But let me ask you a question. When is the last time you had a visitor who said "Show me some fountains", or "Gosh, you guys sure have a nice entrance to your airport". No, most of them want to talk about food. More specifically, BBQ.

So for all the work to make the Airport bigger, nicer, add art and fountains, if this story is true, they've finally hit on something out at the Airport. A first impression that needs napkins, and gives our visitors a choice of six different BBQ sauces, each better than the next. I promise, no one will go home and say "Boy, they have great fountains at that Little Rock Airport". But I've tasted Whole Hog. That's something they can enjoy as they wait to board the flight home. I bet they will go home and tell their friends (especially up in Yankee Land) "Man, the best BBQ I've ever had I had at the Little Rock Airport". That's not a first impression. It's a lasting impression. Now, when can they add Catfish?

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